What is Christian Science Nursing?

Christian Science nursing is a practical, spiritual ministry that actively supports an individual’s decision to rely on Christian Science for healing. Established in the Manual of The Mother Church, (Article VIII; Section 31), this caring activity is grounded in the Bible-based teachings of Christian Science, impelled by Christ Jesus’ commandment to "love one another" (John 15:12).

Christian Science nurses are available to help anyone relying on Christian Science treatment for healing. They provide skillful, practical assistance and care carried out with prayer, wisdom, and compassion, to meet individual needs.

Christian Science Nursing Facilities Nearby

Love's Provision

Love’s Provision is a Christian Science nursing service
in the Kansas City and surrounding areas.

For more information:
T: 816.213.2279


Peace Haven Association

Peace Haven is in the city of Sunset Hills, Missouri (fifteen miles southwest of St. Louis). 

Please explore this website, or give them a call at 314-965-3833 for more information.


The Leaves, Inc.

The Leaves, Inc., is a Christian Science nursing facility located in Richardson, Texas, just north of Dallas, Texas.

Visit this website to learn more. 


Wide Horizon

Wide Horizon is located in the city of Wheat Ridge, a north-west suburb of Denver, about 40 minutes west of the Denver International Airport.

Visit this website to learn more. 


Christian Science Nursing Financial Assistance

If you need financial assistance, you can receive help from the National Fund for Christian Science Nursing.  You can learn more about it at their website: nfcsn.org.  Here’s a brief overview from their website:

The National Fund for Christian Science Nursing (NFCSN) is a benevolence fund that can assist Christian Science nursing patients in the United States and its territories. The fund can help in any situation where a Christian Science nurse is needed, including in-home care and facilities.