What does a Christian Science Practitioner do? 

Whether you’re having difficulty with a relationship, a chronic or acute health issue, a financial burden, an ethical dilemma, a lack of purpose or worth, or any other problem, there are healing answers through prayer. Christian Science practitioners know in their hearts and from their experience that “ . . . with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

It is a deep love for God and a profound joy in helping others that motivates a Christian Science practitioner. These men and women are members of the Church who have dedicated themselves to the full time practice of Christian Science healing. Anyone may call upon them for help.  

Local Christian Science Practitioner

The following are Journal-listed Practitioners of Christian Science in the KC metro area:

Devon LaMaster, CSB (teacher)
(Class/Assoc in Kanasas City area)

Pam Peck, CS
Mission, Kansas
913-485-6305 (cell)

Greg Jarvis, CS
Overland Park, Kansas

You can also find a Christian Science Practitioner by looking up on Christian Science Journal or visit Online Directory.